DataImprint® products intersect data, technology and art to deliver data stories that inform and inspire action. We create visual inspiration.

Transforming your data to visual inspiration includes building your data strategy, preparing your data and developing your story. We design your solutions.

We provide solutions to collect, transform and analyze your data, and we deliver interactive data visualization stories capturing your outcomes and impact. We develop your creative advantage.

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Data: Strategy + Quality

"80% of the time spent on doing data analysis is spent on cleaning dirty data." ~ Every Data Person
Dirty data, also known as rogue data and can be data that is inaccurate, incomplete or inconsistent, outdated or even data that has been duplicated.

Dirty data is costly. Think of the amount of time your staff spends on cleansing dirty data or the miss opportunities due to incomplete data. Have you ever had to restate your data because it was inaccurate or outdated? This could damage your reputation and has immeasurable costs.

Don't let dirty data be your disadvantage. Gain a competitive edge with high quality data.

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Data storytelling is vital in taking beige facts and turning them into a rich story that can be followed and related to.

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