Vereti Concepts, a veteran-owned firm launches "WEGOTUR6" program for Veterans.   


Veteran and business owner, Ricardo Torres believes, "in serving those who served...”. In the military the term "We got your 6" is used to assure others that they were looking out them. If you picture yourself at the center of a clock face, the area directly in front of you is twelve o’clock. Six o’clock is what lies behind you. On a battlefield, your “six” is the most vulnerable. So, when someone tells you that they’ve “got your six,” it means they’re watching your back.  

Vereti Concepts' through the WEGOTUR6 program is doing exactly that, looking out for our veterans by providing opportunities, programs and scholarships to help veterans grow their business and or careers. 

Learn more about WEGOTUR6 here.  

Ricardo Torres